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Raise Your Puppy Program

Learn how to be a puppy parent and raise your dog to be healthy, resilient, and thrive in this life!

Offered by Sowjanya Vijayanagar, Certified Canine Behaviour Consultant

I am a BHARCS-certified Dog Behaviour Consultant with an understanding of behaviours using the bio-psycho-social approach.

Through my education and work, I also found Gentle Parenting and now, I am a passionate advocate of Gentle Parenting of Dogs. You will find me using the Gentle Parenting approach for everything that comes up with dogs and their humans.

In this program we will cover


Meeting Puppy Needs

Puppies, much like infants and toddlers, have a variety of needs. Dog parents are often unaware of these, thanks to the extent of misinformation. We will cover the various needs over the course of the program and how to meet these needs.


Understanding Puppy Behaviours

Various behaviours are natural dog/puppy behaviours. We cannot build strong communication with our dogs when we do not understand them and their behaviours. We will also be unable to respect them as individuals and not gain their trust in the long term.


Build the right foundation to help your dog thrive and be emotionally resilient

As dog parents, we essentially need us and our dogs to co-exist healthily. We also want to raise our puppies into emotionally resilient adult dogs who can navigate difficult situations with healthy coping mechanisms. This program will help you build the right foundation.


What are the benefits and features covered in the Program?


3-month focused support


6 one-on-one sessions


WhatsApp Support

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Post-program support 


Empowering dog parents


Cutting edge, latest knowledged based on Gentle Parenting of Dogs!

Cost for Indian Residents


Cost for International Residents

₹24999 (~$302)

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