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Engagement Terms

Who am I?

Firstly, my name is Sowjanya, and I am a Canine Behaviour Consultant certified by BHARCS. I am also an Associate Member of PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe). I have been consulting with dog parents since 2020 and have worked on a variety of issues ranging from nipping, jumping, biting, anxiety, separation anxiety, pulling on the leash and many similar behaviours that are traditionally viewed as “undesirable” behaviours in dogs.
I also am a dog mom to 2 dogs – Sammy and Zoey.

What to expect in the sessions?

  • I hope you had a chance to have a look at the Dog Pawmise philosophy video.

  • Please expect these sessions to be around the 1-hour duration.

  • When you book the session, ensure you keep the necessary time aside.

  • Offline sessions are available only for BANGALORE clients. In case you would like to avail the offline sessions at some point during our consultation journey, please mention this when you confirm to go ahead with the consultation with me.



  • INR 1999/– per session (1 hour) for clients based in India, $50 for clients outside India. These charges are for a session duration of 1 hour. 


What next?

  • You can book a FREE Discovery Call to chat with me before you commit to the sessions.

  • If you are sure you want to work with me, go ahead and make the payment for the session. When you purchase the session, you agree to the policies and engagement terms.

  • Once you book the session on the website, if it is your first session, you will get an intake form and list of videos which need to be submitted 2 days (business days) prior to our session.

  • For every other session, you just pay and book it on the calendar. If there are any further things (videos or other forms of information) you need to share, as might have been discussed in our session, you will need to share that 2 days prior to the session date as well.

  • We will also start a mail thread. Please use the mail thread for any communication, and I will respond in 1-2 business days. Please use Whatsapp messages only for emergencies, and I will respond to them as I see them. Refrain from using phone calls without prior scheduling of the same.

I look forward to working with you and your dog(s) and helping create a healthy relationship between the human and the dog.

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