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My Approach

My Approach

Behaviour is a result of physical health, emotions, mental health and the environment. I will be working collaboratively with dog parents on managing lifestyle, routine, activities and health which will help both the human and the dog in addressing the behaviour "issues"! The idea is to meet the needs of the dog which when unmet, result in behaviour issues. In doing so, we also help in solving the problem from the human's perspective as well.

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My Philosophy

My Philosophy

My philosophy for working with dogs is centred around them. I use concepts of mindful or gentle parenting, respect and empathy and boundaries.


I rely heavily on the emotional and cognitive intelligence of the dog I’m working with and use absolutely no fear-based, punishment- based or painful methods.

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About Me

About Me


I began my journey to become a canine professional in 2018 when I attended BHARCS Canine Essential 101 taught by Sindhoor Pangal. I was introduced to an amazing school of thought helmed by Turid Rugaas where the emphasis was on showing empathy and compassion to our dogs. It was important to understand that they are sentient beings, just like us humans, and have a complex emotional spectrum.

In April 2019, I started my Canine Behaviour and Ethology diploma (BACBED) from BHARCS and 19 months later, I am now a certified Canine Behaviour Consultant. I am also an Associate Member of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE), founded in 1998 by Norwegian dog expert Turid Rugaas.

I hope to work with as many dogs and dog parents and help in creating a wonderful relationship, which as a dog parent myself, is our hope and end goal!

I also believe that learning never ends and I hope to keep adding to my skills and knowledge which will help me immensely in the work I do with dogs.

I have to credit this life of mine to my two dogs, Sammy and Zoey, who were the reason I began learning more about dogs. They have stood by me, have been patient through my mistakes and they truly are my teachers.

Sowjanya S Vijayanagar,

Canine Behaviour Consultant

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