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Private Consultation

This Consultation is for you if:

You are having trouble managing behaviours like (but not limited to) excessive barking, pulling on leash, destruction of objects, lunging, dog reactivity, human reactivity, hyperactivity, anxiety, fear, aggression and so on.

You would like to understand the underlying root cause of the behaviours you see in your dogs and work at the root cause

You wish to understand your dog’s needs better and how to meet the needs.

You wish to build a safe and calm environment for your dog and would like to learn how to do this.

You believe in the research-backed, gentle and empathetic approach to your dog’s behaviours.

What do you achieve after the sessions?

A clear understanding of the behaviours and a long-term sustainable way to address these behaviours

Lifestyle recommendations to provide a life where your dogs are thriving to their potential

Ways to provide a calm and safe environment for your dogs

Suggestions that can help you build a healthy and harmonious relationship with your dog


India-based clients - ₹1999/-

International clients - $50


1 hour per session


Worldwide Offering 

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