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What I do?

What I Do?


I work with dog parents to manage and understand behaviours like, but not limited to, chewing, destruction, toilet training, pulling on the leash, jumping, nipping, biting, mouthing, separation anxiety, and trauma. Behaviour "issues" can strain our relationship with our dogs. I work along with dog parents to help them deal with the difficulties and work towards creating a healthy human-dog relationship.

My Process

The number of Consulting sessions depends on the case. I suggest at least four sessions (i.e., four hours). The sessions are broken to 2 separate steps.

Step 1

We focus on collecting all the information necessary to evaluate the case and understand your goals and expectations. We also discuss the basic theory that lays the foundation for all the suggestions and recommendations. No recommendations can be made until we get the history and information necessary for me to work on your case.

Step 2

You will receive recommendations that help you understand your dogs, understand their needs, improve communication, manage difficult situations and achieve your goals and help your dog. These will include but not limited to lifestyle, activities, body language, stress management, outdoor management, health management, pain management and more.

What People Say

Sowjanya has given us an incredible new lens through which to view our indie puppy Imli’s behaviour and helped us redefine our relationship with her. Until we spoke to Sowjanya, we thought Imli had specific “problem behaviours” that needed fixing—including periods of hyperactivity, jumping on people, destroying things during zoomies & lunging at dogs/ people during walks. Sowjanya’s very informative, research-based sessions helped us understand the effects of different activities on Imli’s behaviour. We are learning how to help Imli achieve an overall calmer state—observing her more closely, and communicating with her better so that she knows she is safe with us. Without thinking in terms of reward and punishment, we truly believe we have begun to earn Imli’s trust—a very valuable thing for a puppy who was very timid. There are still difficult days, and moments of struggle—and we know this is a long journey. But our relationship with her is now defined by gentleness, mutual love and trust. For this, we are so grateful to Sowjanya!

imli's mom


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