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Dog in Action

Calming Signals in Dogs

Norwegian Canine Ethology Expert, Turid Rugaas, introduced the concept of "Calming Signals in Dogs". Watch my mentor, Sindhoor Pangal, talk about it.

Image by Mark Autumns

Coping Journey of Dogs

Have you ever wondered how dogs seem to cope with different situations? Especially when it comes to fear, anxiety? Read this article by Sindhoor Pangal on the journey of dogs learning to cope with unpleasant situations

dog running with toy

Effects of playing fetch

Fetch is the one game that we, as dog parents, play universally with our dogs. Tiring our dogs out or making them run seems to be our go-to solution to address behaviour issues. But do you know that it can lead to further behaviour and health issues? Read this article that gives the perspective of a Physiotherapist, a Myotherapist and a Vetrinary Behaviourist.

Image by Tengyart

Do non-human animals have emotions?

Read this article by world-renowned Ethologist, Dr. Marc Bekoff, where he addresses the necessity to accept that all animals have emotions and respecting them as individuals is imperative. Once we accept this, we can then be accountable for our actions and the consequences they have on these animals.

Image by Justin Aikin

To sit or not to sit?

Norwegian Canine Ethology Expert, Turid Rugaas, writes about her observation about the "Sit" in dogs and how often do dogs naturally get into this position.

Black Dog

Dogs - Pets or individuals?

Is it really helpful to view our dogs as our "pets"? How does the usage of this word affect the way we see them and treat them and eventually our relationship with them? Watch this amazing talk by Kim Brophey, an Applied Ethologist.

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

Is crating really helpful?

Crates have been used as a solution for "disciplining" our dogs when handling becomes an issue. But what we don't realise is how it can worsen the situation further. Read this article posted on the Pet Dog Trainer's of Europe (PDTE) website.

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