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Scentsory Sanctuary

Scentsory Sanctuary by Dog Pawmise is a unique outdoor space designed for dogs to explore and stimulate their senses. In memory of Sammy, my first dog child, we created this sanctuary to provide a safe and calming atmosphere for dogs to unwind and thrive.

Looking for an activity for your dog that:

  • allows them to meet their needs

  • allows them to explore their dogselves

  • gives them opportunities to have a variety of sensory experiences

  • offers them functional movement opportunities

  • gives them choice and agency

  • gives you and your dog an opportunity to connect

  • gives them opportunity to navigate sticky situations and solve problems

  • helps them exercise their cognitive capabilities and

  • curated specifically for your dog by a Dog Behaviour & Parenting Coach?

Then, the Scentsory Sanctuary is the one for you!

Personalized Sensory Experience

Each session is tailored to the individual dog's needs and preferences, ensuring a unique and engaging experience.

Expertly Designed Space

The outdoor space is carefully curated to provide a safe atmosphere, stimulating your dog's senses and promoting mental and physical well-being.

Convenient City Location

Bespoke Sessions

Scentsory Sanctuary is located within city limits, making it easily accessible and convenient for dog parents/caregivers to visit.

Each 40-minute session is designed to cater to your dog's specific needs, ensuring a fun and engaging experience that awakens their natural instincts.

If you’d like more information about our sanctuary, get in touch today.

If all this sounds interesting, then it is time to book the first session for your dog!

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